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We had an awesome shoot today with pinup gal extrodinaire Sabina Kelley.  Our client, Ty Ku liquor hired us to photograph Ms. Kelley for a national advertising campaign featuring her tattoos.

Sabina was a doll and we’re looking forward to working with her on future projects.  Sometimes we’re not sure what type of egos we’ll run into on set, but Sabina was absolutely amazing to work with.  Humble, gorgeous, fun, and professional…a photographer’s dream.

The Ty Ku crew was great, as well.  They were filming some HD video of the shoot that we hope to be able to share soon.  Some folks were snapping production shots, and if we can get our hand on those, we’ll share them as well.

Some other great folks took part in the shoot, and they deserve a mention:
Hair/Makup by Stacey Kaptain – http://kaptainco.com/
Photo Assisting by Mark Brownlow – http://www.brownlowphoto.com/

Stay tuned for the retouched images from the shoot.

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