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For a few weeks now we’ve been shooting cocktails on white background for Vegas Seven, a fairly new weekly pub here in Vegas. You can see their online issues here.

This issue we did a shot of the Deucetini, an amazingly smooth and tasty tequila-based martini at Aria Resort’s The Deuce lounge (see pic below).

We were also contacted to shoot the cover and feature story on the local Vegas comedy scene (pics below). I have to say that shooting a whoopie cushion has been my strangest assignment pitch yet this year.

Expect many more cocktail shots in coming issues.

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This post is a bit delayed due to a large workload, hey, we’re not complaining!

On Sept 12, 2009, we attended the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) awards for the Las Vegas chapter. The event was held in the beautifully restored Historic Fifth Street School in downtown Las Vegas. I’m not sure how many were in attendance, but it appeared to be filled to capacity with the area’s most creative and inspiring graphic designers, packaging designers, web design folks, photographers, multi-media people and more.

Radiant took home a bronze in the photography category with our photo “Stone, the Metalworker” shot for 944 Magazine – Las Vegas. We’re gonna call it a second place though, since there was no gold offered in that category. 🙂

Pictures of our lovely trophy (aside some old relics we dusted off) and the winning photo below.

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The September Fall Fashion Issue of 944 is out now and we have a couple pages of images this time around. We had a pleasure of shooting all the images for the Fashion Essentials section, including portraits of Las Vegas-based designers and their wares. Had a great time photographing all of them, especially Lana Fuchs of Billionaire Mafia and Misty Newton of Simply Mist.

We also have a nice interior shot on page 19 of Roberto Leyva’s home and showroom “The Living Penthouse”.

Here are some tearsheets from the online version you can see here.

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