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After much work, Radiant Photography has launched its new product photography service at Whiteproductphotography.com.  We managed to get the whole project planned and implemented in less than two months and it has been met with great reviews by current Radiant clients.

Through the whiteproductphotography.com website Radiant Photography provides crisp, high-quality product photography on a seamless white background.  These images are perfect for manufacturer catalogs, PR media packets, apparel designers, online retailers, advertising, and many other uses.

What sets our product photography apart from others?

– First, we don’t shoot your product on a desk, then just mask it into a solid white background.  We shoot on handmade sets and use a special blend of paint to ensure a pure white background.  We’ve tested numerous paints and they all have predominantly blue or yellow tints to them.  Our paint has no tinting agents, so there is no color cast, making your product colors vibrant and true.

– We use custom white balance profiles calibrated for our studio lighting.  We recheck our profiles often and recalibrate when needed.  Shooting with automatic or preset white balances does not guarantee your images are color-correct, as different manufacturers can have different color-temperature output from their lighting gear.  To be accurate, one must calibrate the equipment to the lighting.  Additionally, we calibrate our monitors for accurate colors during retouching.

– Since we don’t just mask your product into a white background, you get a real drop shadow under your product.  Having a shadow grounds the product in it’s environment and adds realism and dimension.  Having a floating object in a sea of white looks unrealistic, so we ensure we deliver realistic drop shadows.  99% of the time we achieve this in the lighting, but on that 1% of challenging products we can recreate a realistic shadow digitally.

– Our turn-around times and delivery methods rock.  We think two weeks is too long to wait for your images, that’s why we average a four day turn-around.  We also think that waiting for your images to be delivered on a CD packed with your returned items is lame, so we do online delivery so you get your images pronto.

– We include a non-exclusive, unlimited rights lease with all images.  You get to use the images as you please, indefinitely.  That’s right, you don’t need to renew any licensing down the road.

– We’re not overseas.  We’re based in Las Vegas, Nevada, we speak English, and we’re not going to send your images to China to have knock-offs made.  High profile companies trust us with their prototypes, new products, and proprietary designs.

What can the images be used for?

  • Retail – Point of purchase displays, billboards, print & web advertising
  • Public relations – media packets, new product launches, editorial submissions
  • Manufacturers – Online catalogs, line sheets, swatch cards, print catalogs, print collateral, websites, and packaging
  • Magazines – product reviews, advertorials, article artwork
  • Anything else where you need a clean white background to showcase your product

Take a look at whiteproductphotography.com to view our current portfolio.  If you’d like to start an estimate, head to the the pricing/contact us page and click the estimate form link.

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