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Radiant Photography‘s owner Ryan Weber has be invited to design a skateboard deck for the LVSK8 III art exhibit.  The show will take place June 19, 2009, from 7-11PM at Henri & Odette, in downtown Vegas.

“I’m extremely honored to be a part of such a cool and unique show,” Weber says.  “After focusing on commercial work for years, I’ve been looking to get reconnected with the fine art side of my photography.  This opportunity will motivate me to set time aside for shooting some very personal work.”

The LVSK8 III show might be the start of a few exhibitions this year for Ryan and Radiant Photography.  There are already talks of participation in a summer show of local artists.

“Fine art is a world I’m unfamiliar with and I will embrace the learning curve.  Business is going well, and I’d love to step into the world of fine art photography and maybe even installations,” Weber says.  “During grad school I realized light is my paint and the camera is just the brush I’m currently using to paint with.  I have some light installation ideas using lasers and such that I’d love to put some time into.  If this year goes well with photography exhibits and I start getting more comfortable with the industry, I might dust off the idea book and tackle a couple exhibition projects.”

For now, the LVSK8 III show is the focus.  As for Radiant’s skate deck, there is talk of hot rods, roller girls, giclee, textures, Mod Pog, resin coatings, and pinstriping.  Come out to the show and see what is unveiled.

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