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If you live in Vegas and weren’t at the LVSK8 III art show June 19th, you missed out on an awesome exhibit opening.  Probably the most diverse and talented exhibit I’ve seen in some time, the show was a hit with the overflow of people who attended.

The decks played canvas various styles of artistic media and techniques, including found object sculpture, airbrushing, colored pencil, graphite, carving, light installation, leather-wrapping, and more.  It was amazing to see how each artist approached their project.

I was told that my tiki board was a hit with the crowd, by one of the gallery owners.  I didn’t get to stick around long enough to overhear anyone talking about it, but it was one of only a few carved boards on display.  Moreover, it was a very fun project that I learned a ton doing.  I had never carved anything before, and had only stained a few pieces of furniture.  By all accounts, it was a successful project in my eyes.

See the pics of the boards below, and check out the show for the next few weeks at Henri & Odette.  They’re located at 124 South Sixth St in downtown Las Vegas.

– Ryan