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Contact:  Ryan Weber
Phone: (702) 338-1706

Local photographer to help struggling business owners survive economy

Local entrepreneurs are in a tough spot. They tossed their hat into the ring, sunk savings into a new business and next thing they knew, the economy went south.
Now what?

Their current options: They can bow out or they fight. Too many of Las Vegas’ business owners are falling into the trap of Option No. 1.  

Local entrepreneur Ryan Weber and his product photography service WhiteProductPhotography.com is their Option 2. His product photography has been a great tool to help other businesses get off to a good start, or to start again. Now he’s offering his photography services to help fellow entrepreneurs embrace the golden opportunity this economy presents. With great photography selling their products, one lucky business owner will be able to get out there, show what they’ve got and make it work.
Whiteproductphotography.com is offering entrepreneurs the chance to win up $750 worth of free product photography to use for their catalog, advertising, Web site or promotional materials.

In 250 words or less, Whiteproductphotography.com wants to hear about who they are, their current business endeavor, and why they chose to ditch the cubicle to start their own business. They’re interested in hearing about a spark of genius following a layoff, an opportunity seized during these depressing economic times or other inspiring true stories about how their business came to be.

One winner will be chosen to receive the $750 photography package, which includes 10 high resolution color images. Stories must be true and verifiable. Applicants must have a licensed business started within the last two years and must be willing to provide a copy of their business license upon request.
The contest is open to Las Vegas Valley business owners only (verified by local business mailing address). Essay entries are due via an online submission form by 9 p.m. Sept. 30, 2009.

Whiteproductphotography.com supports business-minded people who recognize opportunity and take charge of their future by starting a business. Great photography is an integral part of a company’s marketing efforts, speaking volumes about the product before even one printed word is read. Whiteproductphotography.com is looking forward to eliminating one marketing expense, by providing this free photography service to the most deserving applicant.

To apply: Visit www.whiteproductphotography.com, click on “Essay Contest” link in the homepage menu bar.

About WhiteProductPhotography.com:  Radiant Photography, Inc, established in North Las Vegas in 2005, handles editorial and commercial photography for local, national, and international clients and publications. WhiteProductPhotography.com was started in 2009 as a streamlined product photography division of Radiant Photography, Inc.  While shooting high-end products for luxury lifestyle magazines, owner Ryan Weber realized that much of the product photography submitted to editors by ad agencies and businesses was sub-standard and left editors scrambling for good art. With deadlines looming, Radiant was often hired to shoot items on location at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus, Barneys and other locations. After perfecting a lighting technique usable both in-studio and on-location, Radiant Photography decided to launch WhiteProductPhotography.com to offer exceptional, clean, simple product photography to ad agencies, PR firms, magazines, and now directly to businesses.  Whiteproductphotography.com provides high-quality product photography on a seamless white background, with natural drop shadows, making the images ideal for manufacturer catalogs and web sites, magazine product layouts, public relations media distribution, plus many other marketing and advertising uses.
WhiteProductPhotography.com takes orders through its Website, accepts shipped products, photographs them, then returns the products after the high-res digital images are delivered and approved by the client. Pricing is $50/image for objects under 20” on their longest length, or $75/image for images larger than 20.” All retouching and image licensing rights are included.

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OnOne Software, makers of my much beloved Genuine Fractals, have just announced a pretty interesting app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. DSLR Camera Remote is a software that enables a photographer to not only see a live view of what’s going on through their camera lens, but also adjust exposure, review shots, and even snap the shutter. The best news is that the app will only dent your wallet for $19.99. I haven’t an iPhone to try it on, but if I did, I’d be game to part with $20 for an app that would let me shoot with remote camera setups. While it might not be super useful to a portrait or product photographer who is always standing behind the lens, I could see it being pretty awesome for a sports shooter whose camera is mounted on a basketball backboard. I know when I shoot roller derby, I wish that I could have one camera up in the rafters for overhead action. This would allow it.

I could also see it being a useful tool for art directors to preview images or help direct posing without breathing down the photographer’s neck.

Since I haven’t tried it out, I can’t wholeheartedly endorse this app, but I thought it was something cool to let you guys know about.

Here’s what’s needed for this setup:
* DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition ($19.99) available from the Apple iTunes Store.
* Your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera (supported cameras).
* Your iPhone or iPod touch.
* A WiFi enabled computer – no active internet connection required.
* DSLR Camera Remote Server software – free download.

Happy Shooting,

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This video was forwarded to me by a colleague and I feel compelled to post it up.  The prevalence of low-balling, spec work, or pricing creative services like products is amazingly common in creative industries.  It’s a sad practice that many creatives feel bullied into agreeing with, and as a result the value of their work is diminished or given away.

This video is hilarious, but only because it’s full of unfortunately common practices.

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