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Our first product shot on the new Canon 5D Mark II body went very well. The cocktail shot, taken at Fusion Bar inside the Palazzo resort, was featured in this week’s Vegas Seven magazine. The greenish drink is called a Sun Burn and is amazingly different. It has cactus paddle and sage strained into Effen Vodka, some simple syrup, pineapple juice and carmelized bitters. Very refreshing and definitely a summer drink with its grassy notes.

The 5D body was awesome! Easy to transition from the Mark I body, better menu layout in my opinion, and the resolution is fabulous. I’ll be using it with the TS-E lenses for a two day architecture shoot starting tomorrow and will have more input on using the live view mode for focus preview with the tilt/shift lenses. I just finished some architecture shots at Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA, and even with the 17-40 L lens, the shots were amazing, so I’m sure the results with the TS-E lenses will just be phenomenal.

Anyway, when in Vegas, hit up Fusion inside Palazzo and try these drinks. Excellent stuff! Plus, Emilio, the drink’s creator and all-around awesome guy, gets to play with fire while carmelizing the bitters.

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