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Just a quick win to post up.

During a client meeting to discuss June ad concepts, they shared some fantastic sales numbers comparing 2017 average daily revenue to the same months of 2018.  Our Facebook marketing efforts have contributed to an average daily sales increase of 68% !

Here are some average daily sales numbers to share:




And for the more visually oriented, like myself:






Averaging all months out, we get around a 68% increase in daily revenue for 2018 compared to 2017.  Pretty exciting stuff for any business, but especially for a small brick-and-mortar niche business. 

Our strategy so far with this client is a result of months of split-tests and trial-and-error, due to their niche industry.  Right now, what’s working is 4-5 ads per month, mixing in the following:
– Evergreen video view ads to raise brand awareness and educate local buyers on a particular product or service the business offers
– Event or sale engagement ad
– Product or service engagement ad
– Offer claim ad for a limited-time discounted in-store purchase

So, our client is pumped because of more revenue.  We’re pumped helping them get more feet in the door and money in the tiller.  And the customers are pumped they’re getting great products & services.  Everyone wins!