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Just checked in on a client’s small ad campaign and saw something I wanted to share with you. 

I talk to clients about how we need to get their demographics input correctly up front and then let Facebook do it’s thing for a couple days.  If you tweak things too early, FB doesn’t get to learn the engagement habits of your target audience to fine tune your ad delivery.  Even after it’s fallen into a nice delivery pattern, futzing with delivery optimization and such to try to boost numbers can put the ad in a relearning coma.  In that case, it’s best to split test the ad in another separate campaign. 

Anyway, we had some client video ads that just weren’t performing as well as I’d like with the Video View objective, so I replaced the ads with a single new campaign using the Traffic objective, optimized for Link Clicks.  Just one video ad was used and the entire $5/day budget was thrown at it.

What has happened so far is illustrative of how FB’s algorithm works to find you better quality clickers.  You’ll see the costs going down, while the CTR is going up, as well as the relevancy score going up.  This means FB is getting a bead on the ideal clickers in our vast potential audience.  

In the last 20 hours alone, the clicks doubled, the CTR nearly doubled and the relevancy score when up one point.  This shows up FB is finding us higher quality people to serve the ads to.  Now we just keep monitoring and don’t muck anything up. 

New ad progress:
5/10/17 –
12:08 AM
Much better ad so far!
406 reach, 5 link clicks, $0.66 CPC, 1.21% CTR

9 AM
Getting better.
593 reach, 8 link clicks, $0.61 CPC, 1.31% CTR
3:09 PM
Better still.
791 reach, 11 link clicks, $0.58 CPC, 1.33% CTR, 4 relevancy
5/11/17 –
11:06 AM
FB is finding its groove.
990 reach, 23 link clicks, $0.57 CPC, 2.21% CTR, 5 relevancy
Just thought this was an interesting illustration of how FB auto-adjusts ad delivery as it learns more about your ideal customers. 
Now let’s hope they purchase our client’s services!
– Ryan
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