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We’re performing a much needed overhaul on our site. It will be easier to navigate, offer better quality slideshows with embedded videos, enable easier contact and offer other features.

Please check back around 8/1/11 for our new site.

In the meantime, you can view our off-site portfolios at:
ASMP (American Society of Media Photographers) – Click here for portfolio
APA (American Photographic Artists) – Click here for portfolio

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This post is a bit delayed due to a large workload, hey, we’re not complaining!

On Sept 12, 2009, we attended the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) awards for the Las Vegas chapter. The event was held in the beautifully restored Historic Fifth Street School in downtown Las Vegas. I’m not sure how many were in attendance, but it appeared to be filled to capacity with the area’s most creative and inspiring graphic designers, packaging designers, web design folks, photographers, multi-media people and more.

Radiant took home a bronze in the photography category with our photo “Stone, the Metalworker” shot for 944 Magazine – Las Vegas. We’re gonna call it a second place though, since there was no gold offered in that category. 🙂

Pictures of our lovely trophy (aside some old relics we dusted off) and the winning photo below.

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OnOne Software, makers of my much beloved Genuine Fractals, have just announced a pretty interesting app for the iPhone and iPod Touch. DSLR Camera Remote is a software that enables a photographer to not only see a live view of what’s going on through their camera lens, but also adjust exposure, review shots, and even snap the shutter. The best news is that the app will only dent your wallet for $19.99. I haven’t an iPhone to try it on, but if I did, I’d be game to part with $20 for an app that would let me shoot with remote camera setups. While it might not be super useful to a portrait or product photographer who is always standing behind the lens, I could see it being pretty awesome for a sports shooter whose camera is mounted on a basketball backboard. I know when I shoot roller derby, I wish that I could have one camera up in the rafters for overhead action. This would allow it.

I could also see it being a useful tool for art directors to preview images or help direct posing without breathing down the photographer’s neck.

Since I haven’t tried it out, I can’t wholeheartedly endorse this app, but I thought it was something cool to let you guys know about.

Here’s what’s needed for this setup:
* DSLR Camera Remote Professional Edition ($19.99) available from the Apple iTunes Store.
* Your Nikon or Canon DSLR camera (supported cameras).
* Your iPhone or iPod touch.
* A WiFi enabled computer – no active internet connection required.
* DSLR Camera Remote Server software – free download.

Happy Shooting,

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This video was forwarded to me by a colleague and I feel compelled to post it up.  The prevalence of low-balling, spec work, or pricing creative services like products is amazingly common in creative industries.  It’s a sad practice that many creatives feel bullied into agreeing with, and as a result the value of their work is diminished or given away.

This video is hilarious, but only because it’s full of unfortunately common practices.

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