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Nissan 350z test shoot

This Nissan 350z was stylized after the character Drift King’s (“DK”) car in the Fast & Furious 3 movie.  Because it was one of the most used and abused cars on set, production built 11 copies of it. But only two ended up the APS twin-turbocharged setup that netted 475 horsepower and 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds.  So how did I get to shoot it?  Well, I didn’t.  What you see here is a highly detailed scale model of the car used to demonstrate a proof of concept for a rim-lighting technique.  I sometimes try new or risky techniques in a scaled down environment first before shooting the real deal for clients.  It’s part of my technical side working things out ahead of time, so my creative side can work freely on location.  Sometimes I end up with very nice results and the ability to share with you an interesting glimpse into my workflow.


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Audi S4

We photographed the S4 as a test shoot of our motion rig technology, using a client’s newest daily driver.  Damn fine car with great fit & finish and gobs of power.  I wish we’d been able to shoot it a few weeks later when it was fitted with staggered wheels and stanced.


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Lamborghini Aventador

We photographed this beauty in Las Vegas for an editorial client, and what a stunner it was.  With the sunset casting rich warm light into the matte pearl paint, all the edges and definition in the body popped out beautifully.  After some stills, we decided to take it out for some car-to-car motion shots and grabbed some nice images while hanging out of the shoot vehicle.
It’s a fantastic car to be in, to photograph and to just admire.

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Car Dealership

This was a challenging and fun project comprised of beauty stills, car-to-car motion images, and an intensive showroom shot for an editorial client.  Taking the GT40 and Mustang GT500 replica to the streets of Las Vegas definitely turned heads.  While the vehicles were eye candy driving around town, romping the cars through the McCarran Airport tunnel was a symphonic treat for the ears.
The biggest challenge of the shoot was the interior showroom image.  After arranging the cars within inches of each other on the showroom floor, we captured 84 separate images while individually lighting all the cars with studio lights.  While only taking about an hour to capture the image, the layering and masking of the 84 images during retouching took nearly 11 hours.  But it was well worth the work.


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Corbin Sparrow #108

We photographed this rare lilac Corbin Sparrow for a charity.  The single-seater Sparrow was manufactured between 2000-2002 at the Corbin Motors plant in Hollister, CA. Only 355 of the three wheeled electric vehicles were originally made, of which roughly 250 made it onto the roads.  Only 40-50 of them are left today, this one being chassis #108.  It’s quite an interesting and uniquely designed car.

This car found a new owner through the charity after this image was featured on Jay Leno’s Garage Facebook page.  Glad we could help!

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Dream Racing Ferrari F430 Challenge

Through an editorial client we secured time on the Las Vegas Motor Speedway to shoot the amazing Ferrari F430 Challenge.  This car is a beast!
We did some car-to-car motion shots using the Ferrari 599 GTO as our shoot car…rough gig, right?  Both cars were quite an experience on track.  After the cameras were put away, we took a couple laps around the Speedway road course….wow!

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