Dusty McLaren 12C

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Donuts and dust in a McLaren 12C

I was leaving Pebble Beach Concours, after a full day of shooting fine art B&W images, when this sleek McLaren 12C pulled up near my car in the parking lot.  I had some lighting and color camera gear with me, so I asked the owner if I could do a quick guerrilla-style shoot of his ride right there in the parking lot.  He said, “Sure.  But, it’s dusty from doing donuts in the dirt earlier today.”  Not a problem in my opinion!  There’s a story to capture in a loved McLaren covered in dust.
As people were leaving the Gooding & Co car auction they stopped by to see what I was up to and it led to some real fun conversations and introductions.  The cars and people are the whole reason I love Concours events, so it was an inspiring end to a great day.